T Magazine, New York Times, 11/27/2012

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“Ian’s machines have the harmony, balance, and immediacy of good design, and the mystery of good art.”

“The Black Falcon is an engineering feat as much as it’s a piece of art. To fully appreciate it would take hours. Every angle of the bike yields examples of meticulous handiwork. ”

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“An unbelievably fast machine, handsomely understated and perfectly proportioned.”

“An understated expression of art – a unique one-off destined to live its life alone, with speed as its purpose.”

“The Guggenheim curator who coined the term “The Art of the Motorcycle” has had their quote badly misused over the past decade, but looking at the new Kestrel’s lines, sculptural aluminum casting and and invisible welding, perhaps “Art” is a term worth considering.”

“Each Falcon Motorcycle will be worthy of a place in the garage of a collector, as well as in The Museum of Design and Technology.”

“Rolling art.”

“What ultimately proves intoxicating about the Kestrel is the tension between its succinct normalcy, its sweet wholeness, against the evidence of a mind-bending volume of time spent on the details. Every part has been thought about, designed and fabricated, or recreated, and it shows.”

“A work of art isn’t any less a work of art just because it has an engine in it.”

“the coolest things many motorcyclists have ever seen.”

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“Ian Barry’s metal handwriting – is the sheer sculptural beauty of the motorcycle and its parts. The Black exhibits the definitive stroke of a designer gaining technical prowess, unafraid within the swaggering world of motorcyclists to shape footrest hangars, tommy bars, air scoops, and even frame lugs in the most gorgeous, and organic forms, shapes wholly unfriendly to machining, proud evidence of their handmade birth. Bolt them together, and we have an Olympian with the figure of Jessica Rabbit. Some lucky bastard actually owns this motorcycle… but he can’t stop us filling our eyeballs.”

“Ian Barry, founder of Falcon Motorcycles, has an artistic vision that goes far deeper than the motorbikes he creates. Barry spends up to 3,000 hours designing the bikes from the ground up, and performing all the fabrication in-house. He is so dedicated to creating the perfect motorcycle that he even designs and builds many of the tools that are used to construct each bike.”

“Few motorcycles in recent history have had the singular impact of Ian Barry’s Falcons”

Ian Barry, the man behind the machines, takes the artisan approach and focuses on form, function, and aesthetic in creating a bike that embraces history, and originality.

“They re-imagine history, not as it was, but as it might have been.”

“Passion has no limits.”

“For award-winning Californian motorcycle designer Ian Barry, old bikes don’t die… they provide him with the raw materials to create two-wheeled icons.”

“Barry puts thousands of hours into each of his constructions, and it’s not just about polishing up a glamorous final product. He has a deeply felt attachment to the entire process. The form isn’t just about function.”

“Histories mingle, past is present, and suddenly, it’s playtime.”

“There are only a handful of in the world who’ve got their monocle trained on the fine details; Falcon’s Ian Barry is one of those artisans.”

“Kinetic sculpture, objet d’art, or simply – the ultimate toy.”

“Good design is no longer just about form and function – both of which must be a given – it is also about an object’s story, craftsmanship and, in an increasingly corporate and homogenous world, its individuality. Falcon Motorcycles ticks all these boxes. And that is no mean feat today.”

“Ian brings a thoughtful approach to his bikes that will guarantee each one a place in history,”

“Starting from virtually nothing, Ian Barry pieces together a rolling work of art.”

“An artist in the squeezing grasp of inspiration.”

“Ian Barry, 35, has raised the bar for bike aesthetics and further blurred the lines dividing mechanics and art; He is breathing new life into the business of custom motorcycle construction.”

“Confident though I usually am of my literary abilities, I doubt that I’d stand much chance at all of adequately describing these bikes in words alone.”

“”Absolute class… roaring under your ass.”